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Bigroom Trance Anthems

Author: Trance Euphoria
Type: Samples

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If you after that Trance Bigroom sound look no further Trance Euphoria have you covered with their new pack ‘Bigroom Trance Anthems’ featuring 8 x Quality Construction Kits, Wav, Midi And Presets.

We’ve tried to cover all bases here for you including Midi parts for the each main component, audio wav files 24bit including Wet & Dry Loops, Drums with & without compression, Several Percussion Variations, Filtered Up And Down Wavs & FX Tail Loops for those who want to end the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop.

For those who own Spire, NI Massive & Sylenth we have included the presets so you can modify the sound, fx to you own taste.

By using the midi and presets you have a great advantage over the audio wav files, you can modify both to your own needs, edit the midi to how you want and same with the presets your basically in control of how you want the riff or bass to sound.

Product Contents:

* 8 x Bigroom Trance Construction Kits
* All WAV Files 24-Bit
* All Kits 130BPM (You Can Change To What You Want)
* MIDI Files For All Kits.
* Drums With And Without Compression.
* Filtered Up/Down Wavs.
* BPM & Key Info Named On Each Kit Folder.
* Professionally Produced.
* 100% Royalty Free.
* Presets For Each Kit.
* Mixdown Demo Of Each Kit.

Presets Info:

Kit 1 Contains – 2 x Spire Presets (Lead A & Lead B)
Kit 2 Contains – 1 x Sylenth Preset (Lead A) & 1 x NI Massive Preset (Lead B)
Kit 3 Contains – 2 x NI Massive Presets (Lead A & Lead B)
Kit 4 Contains – 1 x Spire Preset (Lead) & 1 x Sylenth Preset (Bass)
Kit 5 Contains – 3 x Spire Presets (Bass, Lead A & Lead B)
Kit 6 Contains – 1 x Spire Presets (Bass) & 2 x Sylenth Presets (Lead A & Lead B)
Kit 7 Contains – 3 x NI Massive Presets (Bass, Lead B & Lead C) & 1 x Spire Preset (Lead A)
Kit 8 Contains – 2 x NI Massive Presets (Lead B & Lead C) & 1 x Spire Preset (Lead A)

Other Info:

267 x Kit Files In Total – Includes Wav, Midi & Presets.
21 x Midi Files In Total.
9 x Spire Presets, 5 x Sylenth Presets And 8 x NI Massive Presets.

* Please Use Spire Version 1.1.3+ , NI Massive Version 1.51+ & Sylenth 3.00beta+.

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