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Driving Trance Energy Grooves Songstarters

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Trance Euphoria are proud to release the first instalment of ‘Driving Trance Energy Grooves Songstarters’ bringing you 8 x professional Construction Kits containing 24-Bit WAV Files, MIDI Files and the PRESETS for each kit for ultimate flexibility.

Inspired by all the top trance artists from around the world and top trance festivals, ‘Driving Trance Energy Grooves Songstarters’ is here to inspire your next trance hit.

In this Driving Trance Energy Grooves Songstarters Series we have now included the presets, in this particular volume we have used presets from Spire, Sylenth & NI Massive.

Each kit featuring enough material to spawn an entire new track, including MIDI, WAV & PRESETS audio loops plus all of the professional features you’d expect from Trance Euphoria, Loops are provided in both wet(with effects) and rendered dry (no FX) so you’re free to add your own to help gel these superb trance samples in to your own mixes.

For audio loop users there’s filter up and down sections as well as FX tail loops to allow you to easily use the samples in build ups and breakdowns. With MIDI files included for main melodic parts you’re also free to break out your own synths and use your favourite presets to create your own sound.

Advantages of midi is you can use them as is or as a basis for your own ideas, Learn and see how they have been constructed, add your own vst instrument to create a different sound to your taste, modify or transpose to your own taste.

Advantages of presets is you can change the sound completely or tweak the original to your own taste, edit fx, basically you have complete control over the sound.

Product Details:

* 8 x Driving Trance Construction Kit Songstarters.
* Spire, Sylenth & NI Massive Presets For Each Kit Now Included (Individual Files).
* All WAV Files 24-Bit.
* MIDI Files For All Kits For Ultimate Flexibility.
* Wet/Dry 24-Bit WAV Loops
* Drum Compressed/Uncompressed 24-Bit WAVs
* Several Percussion Variation Loops 24-Bit WAVs
* FX Tail Loops Allowing You To End A Phrase With The Decay Of The Reverb/Delay Applied To The Loop.
* Demo Mixdown Of Each Kit.
* BPM & Key Info.
* Professionally Produced.
* 100% Royalty Free.
* 393 x Kit Files (Includes 31 x MIDI Files & Includes 31 x Presets.)
* 778MB Zipped | 1.05GB Unzipped.

Presets Broken Down:

Kit 1 Contains 2 x NI Massive Presets (2 x Leads) & 1 x Bass Sylenth Presets.
Kit 2 Contains 4 x Sylenth Presets (3 x Basses | 1 x Lead).
Kit 3 Contains 2 x Leads Spire Presets & 2 x Bass Sylenth Presets.
Kit 4 Contains 2 x Bass Spire Presets & 3 x Sylenth Presets (2 x Leads | 1 x Pad)
Kit 5 Contains 2 x Sylenth Presets (1 x Lead & 1 x Bass).
Kit 6 Contains 2 x Spire Presets (2 x Leads) & 1 x Sylenth Preset (Bass)
Kit 7 Contains 5 x Sylenth Presets (3 x Basses | 2 x Leads)
Kit 8 Contains 5 x Sylenth Presets (3 x Basses | 2 x Leads)

Totals 2 x NI Massive Presets | 23 x Sylenth Presets | 6 x Spire Presets.

* Please Use Spire 1.1.1+
* Please Use NI Massive 1.5.1+
* Please Use Sylenth 3.00+

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