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Future Power Trance Anthems

Author: Trance Euphoria
Type: Samples

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Trance Euphoria Present ‘Future Power Trance Anthems’

Trance Euphoria are proud to bring you a new series ‘Future Power Trance Anthems’ featuring 12 x Huge Power Trance Anthem Construction Kits with Wav & Midi files.

The pack is inspired by all the top trance artists and top trance festivals from around the world.

Each kit include all drum parts from kick to percussion, wet and dry loops for all the main parts also including filter up and down loops wet and dry, all midi parts are included and a mix down demo for each kit, folder structure is smartly arranged for ease of use for example folder structure of Kit 1 is (1 Drums, 2 Bass Wet & Dry, 3 Lead Wet & Dry, Midi, Kit Full Mix Demo, if there is an additional part for example synth this would be (4 Synth Wet & Dry) these are where all the wet and dry wav files for each part for that particular kit are kept.

Product Details:

12 x Professional Power Trance Construction Kits.
All Wav Files 16-Bit.
Midi Files For Each Kit
Wet & Dry Loops For Each Kit.
Drum Kick Compressed/Uncompressed Versions For Each Kit.
Several Percussion Variation Wav Loops.
Demo Mix Down Of Each Kit.
BPM & Key Info Labelled On Each Kit Folder.
Professionally Produced.
100% Royalty Free.

Product Statistics:

24 x Kick Wav Loops Total (Includes One Compressed & One Uncompressed Per Kit)
28 x Percussion Wav Loops Total.
3 x Arp Wet Wav Loops Total.
3 x Arp Dry Wav Loops Total.
3 x Pad Wet Wav Loops Total.
3 x Pad Dry Wav Loops. Total.
36 x Bass Wet Wav Loops Total.
36 x Bass Dry Wav Loops Total.
36 x Lead Wet Wav Loops Total
36 x Lead Dry Wav Loops Total.
26 x Midi Files Total (13 x Bass Midi | 13 x Lead Midi | 1 x Arp | 1 x Pad).
12 x Mixdown Demos.
247 x Total Kit Files.
550MB Unzipped. | 410MB Zipped.

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