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Immense Sounds: Modern House

Author: Immense Sounds
Type: Samples


‘Modern House’ by Immense Sounds is five outstanding Construction Kits featuring WAV, MIDI, and Presets.

"Modern House" represents an evolution within the broader house music scene, which itself originated in the dance clubs of Chicago in the early 1980s. Modern House, emerging from its roots in the late 1990s and early 2000s, incorporates a blend of traditional house music elements with new, innovative sounds and production techniques, reflecting the technological advancements and shifting cultural trends of the era.

Characterized by its 4/4 beat, repetitive rhythms, and synthesized basslines, Modern House often incorporates elements from other electronic music genres such as techno, deep house, and progressive house, leading to a richer, more textured sound. This genre is particularly noted for its emphasis on melody and harmony, employing a wide range of electronic instruments and digital production tools to create complex, layered musical landscapes.

One of the defining features of Modern House is its adaptability and diversity. Producers and DJs within this genre experiment with tempo, sound textures, and vocal samples, resulting in a wide variety of sub-genres and styles that can range from upbeat and energetic tracks suitable for dancefloors to more ambient, introspective compositions.

This top-quality pack is inspired by all the top artists from around the world. You have everything here to create your next hit or could be a great addition to your existing projects. This pack features Break and Drop wav stems such as Chords, Vox, Mid Basses, Pianos, Plucks, Reeses, Pads, Arps, FX, Brass, and more, MIDIs, and serum Presets.

Product Details:
5 x Full Top Quality Modern House Construction Kits;
252 x Total Files;
191 x 24-bit WAV files;
34 x MIDI Files;
27 x Serum Presets;
All Kits BPM & Key-Labelled. (All Kits BPM 122);
1.61GB Zipped | 3.45GB Unzipped;
Everything is 100% Royalty-Free.

Please Use Serum 1.36b8 Or Higher.
Please Note: Keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new presets.

About Presets In This Pack:
Please note to beginners if you do not own the above Serum VST Instrument the supplied WAV files are in each kit to be used instead of a VST instrument or you can still use any virtual instrument of your choice with your own presets or bought presets to assign the vst instrument to the MIDI files and create your sound, by all means, use the included VST Instruments presets if you have them royalty-free.

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