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Incarnation Part I



Incarnation – This is our next decent work with the Dune 3 synthesizer.

We’ve taken the very best out of the instrument to create unique, inspirational sounds for you.

Each sound, like a particle of the overall picture, like paint on an artist’s brush, will perfectly fit on your creative music canvas and will allow you to create unimaginable compositions filled with enchanting atmospheric sounds.

If you are a fan and creator of atmospheric music genres, Incarnation is a product that you will use very often in your compositions.

It has everything you need to keep your music compositions flawless.

We present only the first small part of this collection so far. We are confident that this product will serve as the foundation and inspiration for your future Bellatrix Audio sounds products.

What’s included: 32 Atmospheric Presets for Dune 3.

100% Royalty-Free.

Please Use DUNE Version 3.4.0 Or Higher.

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