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Malicious Intent

Author: Xicoh_94
Type: Presets


Xicoh_94 is proud to announce “Malicious Intent” for Spire synthesizer.

This Spire bank combines dark cyberpunk textures with analog and digital synth sounds. Inspired by the Warhammer 40k, Mass Effect and E.V.E. universes with a touch of Dark Ambient, this bank will add a melancholy, almost haunting sound to your productions.

The presets are varied ranging from atmospheric sounds to hard-hitting, euphoric leads with most mapped with tweakable macros that allow for change both subtle and drastic, perfect for progression within your tracks.

Product details:
64 Presets for Spire synthesizer in total;
Preset categories:
• Ambience x4;
• Arpeggios x2;
• Bass x8;
• Drums x4;
• FXx9;
• Keys x5;
• Leads x9;
• Pads x8;
• Plucks x8;
• Sequences x7.

100% Royalty-Free.

• Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.5.8 Or Higher.