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Sean Tyas Spire Volume 2

Author: Sean Tyas
Type: Presets


Time to ignite your sound.

This is where we begin to really get interesting... Let's push Spire to actually go beyond what was ever expected of it.

The theme of Volume 2 is Complexity. You will hear textures out of Spire you didn't think it was made for, from aggressive acids to incredibly analog sounding leads and everything in between.

The demo you hear above is using ONLY Spire instances. No processing is being done, no external effects, no eq even... on anything (Aside from, of course, a limiter on the master out).

What you get:
84 Spire presets;
14 Acid Lines;
3 Arpeggios;
5 Basses;
9 Bass Sequences;
1 Chordal Arp (You'll understand when you use it);
3 FX;
17 Leads;
18 Midbasses;
2 Misc Sequences;
3 Pads;
3 Plucks;
1 Perc (a juicy automatable hihat looper);
2 Stabs;
2 Sound Templates (More to come with DLC);
1 XDEMO (used in demo so had to include) - Bass Pad.

And DO NOTE. It's worth quickly reading the one-page PDF guide included. I add notes to almost all patches to help you use them, definitely worth knowing where that is....

100% Royalty-Free.

Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.5.11 Or Higher.

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