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Spire Supersaws [Hero Edition]


Spire Supersaws – a collection of 64 presets inspired by the sonic strength and determination of our beloved hero, Supersaw Man. Crafted meticulously for Spire, each preset is a nod to the harmonious heroism that Supersaw Man represents.

Spire Supersaws goes beyond the standard preset pack, delivering a musical palette that lets you tap into your own hero’s journey. Just as Supersaw Man brings harmony to a city of echoes, this pack empowers you to shape your own musical narrative, turning the dissonance of life into a resonating melody.

This pack is divided into four preset categories – Chords, Leads, Pads, and Plucks – each echoing a facet of Supersaw Man’s character:

Chords resonate with the unity Supersaw Man fosters, providing a harmonic foundation to build your epic. Leads echo his acute hearing and leadership, cutting through the mix with striking clarity and purpose. Pads capture the depth of Supersaw Man’s empathy, offering lush soundscapes that wrap your audience in a comforting embrace. Plucks encapsulate his fast action, providing quick, percussive elements that give your tracks an energetic pulse.

Whether you’re crafting an epic adventure theme, producing a high-energy dance track, or exploring the frontier of electronic music, “Spire Supersaws” gives you the tools to resonate with your audience on a deeper level. It’s not just about creating music; it’s about capturing conscious states and telling stories that inspire, motivate, and uplift.

Dive into the world of Supersaw Man and let the power of sound transform your musical narrative. Embrace your inner hero, discover the strength in your sound, and let “Spire Supersaws” be the key to unlocking your musical superpowers.

Alonso Spire Supersaws [Hero Edition] – Details
4 Preset Categories:
CHORD (11)
LEAD (37)
PAD (8)

64 Spire presets
Core synthesizer patch mapping and programming
All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters
All presets assigned all four macro controls for easy tweaking and multiple sound variations

Preset format(s): .swzip (Full Bank) + .spf2 (Individual Presets)
Note: Presets Require Full Retail Version of Spire 1.5.15 or later
Approx. 19.8 MB installed / Approx. 15.6 MB Compressed .zip download

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