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Trance Legion MIDI Anthems

Author: Trance Euphoria
Type: Samples

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Trance Euphoria Present ‘Trance Legion MIDI Anthems’

It’s important and one of the key factors in trance music that you have memorable melodies, so if you have lost your creativity or are looking to learn how melodies are created look no further than this pack, featuring 100 x Trance Melodies (60 x 4 Bar MIDIs & 40 x 8 Bar MIDIs) you can use them as is or change the notes about to suit your own needs or even study how the melodies were constructed, these are for all trance producers from beginner to professional.

Why MIDI And Not WAV?

With MIDI you have the ultimate format were you can re-arrange notes, velocities, transpose, change MIDI lengths etc and assign your own VST Instrument or Hardware of your choice all this without any audio issues, to do this with audio wav file is virtually impossible or would take some messing about to achieve and with some specialist tools which cost a fortune and the results are not always the best with some audio material, having MIDI changing or keeping the same sound assigned and moving notes about is a breeze and takes no time at all and your audio always stays the same quality you set, also having 100 melodies at your disposal you could have the potential of 100 new tracks surely these MIDIs will give you that creative edge your looking for to your next hit.

Whats In The Pack?

100 x Trance MIDI Melody Files (60 x 4 Bar MIDIs & 40 x 8 Bar MIDIs).
Folder Of MIDIs Used In The Demo.
100% Royalty Free.
20MB Zipped | 31MB Unzipped.

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