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Future Melodic Techno Android For Serum

Author: Immense Sounds
Type: Presets

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‘Future Melodic Techno Android For Serum’ by Immense Sounds features outstanding 128 x Serum Presets and Demo MIDI Files, bringing up-to-date sounds for your next or current Melodic Techno projects.

This is a must-have sound set for all Techno producers containing Acids, Arps, Basses, FX, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Reese Basses, Stabs, Sub Basses, and Synths of super fresh inspiring, modern sounds for your toolbox, also contains all MIDI files from the demos which can be used royalty-free.

Melodic Techno stands as a distinctive genre within the electronic music landscape, marrying the rhythmic foundation of techno with a pronounced emphasis on melody and atmospheric depth. Originating in the early 2000s, this genre diverges from traditional techno by weaving intricate melodies and harmonies into its fabric, creating a sound that is both emotionally resonant and rhythmically engaging. Its hallmark is the integration of mesmerizing synth lines, ethereal pads, and a softer, often more progressive bassline, setting it apart from the more percussive and industrial strains of techno.

Typically characterized by a tempo ranging from 120 to 125 beats per minute, Melodic Techno tracks are crafted to evoke an immersive auditory experience, guiding listeners through a sonic landscape filled with emotional peaks and valleys. The genre's nuanced approach to sound design fosters a space where introspection and dance floor energy coalesce, appealing to a wide array of electronic music fans.

As Melodic Techno continues to evolve, it finds a home in the hearts of those who seek a blend of danceability and depth in their music. Its growth in popularity, especially among European audiences, underscores a collective desire for electronic music that balances the physical pull of techno's beat-driven essence with the soul-stirring qualities of melody and harmony. This genre's ability to connect with listeners on multiple levels cements its place as a dynamic and evolving chapter in the story of electronic music.

Product Details
128 x Named Serum Presets (Individual Presets);
40 x MIDI's Used in The Demos;
100% Royalty-Free.

Presets Broken Down:
5 x Acids;
4 x Arps;
23 x Basses;
10 x FX;
18 x Leads;
12 x Pads;
15 x Plucks;
12 x Reese Basses;
9 x Stabs;
10 x Sub Bass;
10 x Synths.

* Please Use Serum Version 1.36b8 or Higher.
* Please Note: Keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new presets.

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