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Melodic Echoes Universe



Introducing the Melodic Echoes Universe Sample Pack – a sonic voyage into the realms of Melodic Techno. Immerse yourself in a universe of sound where creativity knows no bounds. This meticulously crafted sample pack is a treasure trove for producers seeking to explore the intricate landscapes of Melodic Techno and elevate their productions to new heights.

Dive into a collection of expertly designed construction kits that serve as the foundation for your musical journey. Each kit is a sonic landscape in itself, featuring finely tuned melodies, pulsating basslines, and rhythmic elements that seamlessly come together to form the backbone of your tracks. The construction kits provide both inspiration and practicality, offering a canvas for your creativity while maintaining the essential building blocks of the genre.

For those in search of unique and evocative sounds, the pack includes a Pigments synth patches. Unleash the power of these meticulously crafted presets to infuse your tracks with signature sounds that define the Melodic Techno genre. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting, these patches are sure to spark innovation and add an extra layer of depth to your music.

But that's not all – the Melodic Echoes Universe Sample Pack goes beyond the beats and melodies. Elevate your productions with vocal chops that add a human touch to your electronic creations.

As you sculpt your sonic landscape, don't forget the importance of atmosphere and texture. The pack includes a diverse array of effects, ranging from ethereal reverbs to intricate delays, allowing you to shape the sonic space around your music. These effects serve as the finishing touch, adding polish and character to your productions.

In essence, Melodic Echoes Universe is more than just a sample pack – it's a portal to a world where creativity flows boundlessly. Whether you're crafting emotive Melodic Techno anthems or experimenting with new sonic territories, this pack provides the tools and inspiration needed to bring your musical vision to life. Step into the universe of Melodic Echoes and let your creativity echo across the realms of electronic music.

Product Details:
2.45 GB;
24-Bit / 44.1kHz High-Quality;
125 BPM;
Key & Tempo-Labelled;
Compatible With All DAWs;
30 Synth Loops (15 Dry & 15 Wet);
30 Bass Loops (Inc. Side Chain);
30 Pad Loops (15 Dry & 15 Wet);
30 Pluck Loops (15 Dry & 15 Wet);
15 Synth MIDI Loops;
15 Bass MIDI Loops;
15 Pad MIDI Loops;
15 Pluck MIDI Loops;
139 Drum Loops (20 Full Drum Loops + Variations);
15 Vox Samples;
55 Total Drum Hits;
52 SFXs;
15 VST Synth Patches (Arturia Pigments V. 4.1.1+);
5 Inspiration Kits.

100% Royalty-Free.

Arturia Pigments V. 4.1.1 or higher.

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