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Mythical Dance Presets Vol.1 (Sylenth1 Edition)

Author: Baltic Audio
Type: Presets

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'Mythical Dance Presets Vol 1 (Sylenth1 Edition)' by CESA SAMPLES takes you on a journey through the sounds of EDM and dance artists of the 2000s. In this pack you'll find 128 top-quality presets for the Sylenth1 synthesizer to create Dance & Hands Up tracks, including hand-crafted leads, basses, plucks, pads and more.

The creator of this sound bank is the well-known Hands Up and Hard Dance producer DJ THT who has put all his experience and energy into crafting these sounds. The completion of this project would not have been possible without the further interest and support by "Ced Tecknoboy", "Bonkerz" and "TimeWaster".

In this product you'll get 128 fresh Dance Presets for Sylenth1, inspired by Hard Dance/Dancecore/Hands Up artists such as "Rocco", "Rob Mayth", "Manian", "Tune Up!", "Pimp Code!", "Daft Punk", "Barthezz", "Yazoo", "The Hitmen", "Headhunterz" and many more...

In addition, you'll find 45 MIDI files taken from the demo.

This product is a cooperation between CESA SAMPLES and baltic audio.

● 128 Sylenth1 Presets
● 43 Leads (Presets)
● 25 Bass (Presets)
● 15 Arpeggios (Presets)
● 13 Synths (Presets)
● 8 Chords (Presets)
● 6 Pads (Presets)
● 5 Fx (Presets)
● 4 Drums (Presets)
● 4 Plucks (Presets)
● 3 Bells (Presets)
● 2 Brass (Presets)
● 45 MIDI Files
● Multi-genre
● PC/Mac compatible
● 100% Royalty-Free

Please note:
The drums and some FX used in the demo are not included in this product.
These presets require v. 3.06 or higher of Lennar Digital Sylenth1.

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